Pokemon Silver – Chapter 5

Click here to read chapter 4 Welcome back to my Pokemon Silver Let’s Play! Sorry about not posting anything in, like, two weeks. I’ve been rather busy with school. Also, in my off time, I’ve been obsessively watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m all caught up with the anime now. I’ll read the anime at some […]

Pokemon Silver – Chapter 4

Click here to read chapter 3 Hello my friends, and welcome back to Pokemon Silver! Sorry about taking a little break. I was kind of busy. Also, I was watching Shokugeki no Soma. It’s a pretty good anime. Who knew cooking could be so intense? Anyway, I decided to stop by the PokeMart before delving […]

Pokemon Silver – Chapter 3

Click here to read chapter 2 Welcome back my friends. Before I went trotting off into Union Cave, I went back to Violet Town. I thought that, since I was facing the risk of getting wrecked by a bunch of different rock-type pokemon, I should stock up on potions. So I went to the pokemart […]

Pokemon Silver – Chapter 2

Click here to read chapter 1 Welcome back my friends! I don’t actually think that anyone is reading this, but still. When we last left off, I had spoken with Mr. Pokemon, caught a Hoothoot, and traveled back to Cherrygrove. Now, we will continue where we left off. I will once again traverse the route […]

Pokemon Silver – Chapter 1

Well then, I guess it’s time to start a let’s play of Pokemon Silver! I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while now, since it’s somewhat easier to make a written let’s play than it is a video series. I also decided that I would start with a Pokemon game, since those seem […]