Pokemon Silver – Chapter 5

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Welcome back to my Pokemon Silver Let’s Play! Sorry about not posting anything in, like, two weeks. I’ve been rather busy with school. Also, in my off time, I’ve been obsessively watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m all caught up with the anime now. I’ll read the anime at some point. Oh, and I’ve also been playing Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. It’s a really great game. I’m so happy with it.

But none of that is important. Let’s get into the Let’s Play!


The first thing I aspired to do today was win the bug catching contest. I had read on the internet that catching a Scyther or a Pinsir basically guaranteed a win, so I wasn’t all that worried about whether or not I would win.

I should have been worried.


It wasn’t difficult to find a Scyther. Catching it, however, was the hard part.


Eventually I managed to snag it. I immediately headed back to the guy at the gate, feeling as though my victory was assured.

I was so naïve.


My Scyther won me nothing.


No matter, let’s just do it again. I loaded up my save state and set out to win.


God hates me.


Perhaps this Butterfree will do?

Of course, it didn’t do. On my third try, however…


…my Pinsir won.


Mission accomplished.


And now to reap the rewards.


Look at how pretty Lily is now.

Anyway, with the bug catching contest finished, my next goal was to get to Ecruteak City. However, before I could get there, I had to pick up an item.


The lady in the flower store in Goldenrod gave me a watering can for defeating Whitney. I don’t know why it’s called a squirtbottle when it’s really just a watering can, but whatever.


The route north of Goldenrod was blocked by this tree. I watered it.


Well I would assume not. I wouldn’t like it either if I was just relaxing and all of a sudden someone started pouring water on me.


Man, this sprite is kinda terrifying.

I fought some trainers on the way to Ecruteak. Spicy boi grew to level 22, which is nice.


We made it to Ecruteak!


Also, I randomly ran into Bill in the Pokemon center. He said some stuff about being able to transfer Pokemon from the older games before running off to star on a radio show. Cool.


Well, I guess we’ll start with exploring the burned tower.


Sounds mysterious.


Nah, I think I’ll go in anyway. Fight the power.


What a pretty tower. Doesn’t look all that burned, though.


Look who was waiting for me inside! I forgot he was there!


Of course he does. Can’t we ever just have a friendly discussion over tea?


Luckily, Kacchan was a rather easy opponent. His pokemon were about the same level as mine, but I managed to pull through due to type advantages.


Wow Kacchan, no need to be a sore loser.


With the burned tower mostly explored, I set out to conquer the gym. I have no idea what level the pokemon there will be, but Leviathan knows a dark more, so it should be okay.


After a few battles, Buzz, Kaepora, and Lily all reached level 22. I decided to move Leviathan to the front of my party in preparation for the gym leader fight. Again, Leviathan knows bite, which is a dark type move, and dark type moves are super effective against ghost types.


Well, thank you for having me.


You worship them as gods? That seems a little excessive.


So I guess I’m gonna see a legendary pokemon? *puts on sunglasses while smirking*


It’s good to have goals. They motivate you.


You can see ghosts, huh? That seems pretty cool.


Wait, you can see the future? Dude, that’s awesome. Let’s win the lottery together.


Well you’re certainly cocky. Guess I’ll have to teach you a lesson.


And so, the battle began.


I didn’t have much trouble until he sent out a Gengar. The Gengar knew hypnosis and dream eater, which caused Leviathan to faint. No matter, Mikasa will finish the job.


I meant to say Buzz. Buzz will finish the job.


Are you serious right now?


Kaepora I swear to God if you die-


Please don’t let this be my first loss in the series.


It’s gonna be my first loss, isn’t it?



Well, after getting completely destroyed by Morty, I set out to grind some. His Gengar was level 25, so I decided to get my entire team to level 25 as well, which took longer than expected. The things I do for you guys….


On the bright side, Leviathan learned dragon rage while I was grinding. That dragon move will certainly help me out at some point in the future.


Alright Morty, I’m back for round two.


I lost again.

After losing twice, I decided to rethink my strategy. My new plan was to attack his haunters with a pokemon that wasn’t Leviathan. Once he brought out his Gengar, I would send out Leviathan to do as much damage as possible. Also, another key part of my strategy was that this time I would switch out a pokemon as soon as they got put to sleep. After all, dream eater restores health in addition to doing considerable damage.


Whew, I finally did it. Leviathan fainted, though, which sucks.


My next stop was the Ecruteak dance theater, where I would battle the five kimono girls. According to seribii.net, this would get me the HM for surf.


Alright kimono girls, let’s dance.

See what I did there? Yeah, I know it was terrible. Anyway, Buzz reached level 26 during the five battles.


This guy gave me the HM for surf, which I promptly taught to Leviathan. He finally has a water type move.


My next stop was the Ruins of Alph. I really want a moonstone.


Time to go surfing. Ignore the fact that that’s a Lapras sprite. I promise, it’s actually just my Gyarados.


Look guys, I made a picture. Can we hang it on the fridge?


Turns out I still can’t get the moonstone. This guy gave me the TM containing rock smash though, which is pretty cool. I taught it to Mikasa. It replaced double kick as her fighting move. Speaking of Mikasa, by the way, she reached level 26 while I was exploring the ruins.


Time to explore the burned tower more thoroughly.


Dangit, I don’t have strength yet.


Maybe this side of the tower will yield more interesting results.


That trainer had a Charmeleon. That’s actually pretty cool. Also, the battles throughout the tower got both Leviathan and Kaepora up to level 26, which is also pretty cool.


*Gasp* I found the legendary dogs!


And they’re gone. Oh well. Guess I gotta go find them.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter of Pokemon Silver. Join me next time as I travel to the next city! I can’t actually remember what the next city is! It’s been way too long since I played Soul Silver!


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