Pokemon Silver – Chapter 4

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Hello my friends, and welcome back to Pokemon Silver! Sorry about taking a little break. I was kind of busy. Also, I was watching Shokugeki no Soma. It’s a pretty good anime. Who knew cooking could be so intense?


Anyway, I decided to stop by the PokeMart before delving into the Illex Forest. I wanted to stock up on antidotes, just in case. After all, I didn’t really know what to expect. So I bought 10 antidotes.


Welcome to the Illex Forest.

Not gonna lie, I got lost here. It was kind of embarrassing and awkward.


*Gasp* I found the way through!


I’m giving that HM some use already.


Guys, I found a shrine. Celebi should be around here somewhere….


The forest’s protector is Celebi, right?


Wow, that’s a dense forest. Geez. No wonder it’s so dark in here.


Well then. I’ll certainly be on the lookout for dropped items.

To steal, of course.


I found this guy. Based on this text box, I think he might be high. I mean, he’s standing in the middle of a forest with his hair dyed green, and he forgot what he was doing. He’s either high or has terrible memory.


He’s head-butting trees? Okay, he’s definitely high.


No thanks. I don’t want to break my skull. I think I’ll pass.


On the other hand, I’m perfectly happy with letting my pokemon head-butt a tree. I won’t teach that TM to someone right away, though. I think I’ll give it to SAFAYC once he evolves.


Wait, is that IT?

This has to be the shortest and easiest forest in any of the pokemon games. There weren’t even any trainers. Also, I didn’t find any items. I feel ripped off. I want the money I spent on antidotes back.


Anyway, I emerged from the forest to find myself on this route. I then proceeded to fight every trainer on said route. This caused both SAFAYC and Lily to hit level 19. Which means, by the way, that SAFAYC is one level away from evolving. I can’t wait to have a Gyarados on my team. All my hard work will finally pay off.


Ah, Goldenrod City. The biggest city in Johto. Observe its vibrant yellow color. Truly fabulous.


Also, I forgot that Goldenrod, being this region’s biggest city, has a department store. And department stores usually sell TMs.

I ended up buying both thunder punch and fire punch. I taught thunder punch to Buzz, but Spicy boi wasn’t able to learn fire punch. I guess he needs to evolve into Typhlosion before he can learn it. Oh well. I’ll hold on to the TM until he evolves.


After purchasing those two TMs, I set out to grind on the route north of Goldenrod. I really wanted to evolve SAFAYC, so I made that my first priority. Speaking of which…


…SAFAYC hit level 20, which caused him to evolve. He immediately learned bite, which is a nice addition to his move pool. After this, though, I taught him headbutt, because tackle isn’t a good normal type move.

Anyway, I’d like to once again say that this is my first time legitimately obtaining a Gyarados in a Pokemon game. I must say, it really was worth the pain of raising a Magikarp. Gyarados is a tank. He can take a lot of damage, and dish out just as much. He’ll make a FANTASTIC addition to the team.

Once SAFAYC and Lily both hit level 20, I set out to add the final member to my team. Can you guess who it was?


A female Nidoran. Nidoqueen is my favorite Pokemon, and I’m determined to have one on my team.


This was when I found out how strong Gyarados is. He killed the Nidoran in one hit.


I managed to catch the next one I encountered, though. Oh, and I named her Mikasa. I thought for a long time about what name to give her, but I decided on Mikasa because, like the anime character that she was named after, Nidoqueen has a pretty high attack and defense.


Then I went to get a bicycle. If I remember correctly, this guy will give me a bike for free.


He gave me a bike for free.


Next on my agenda was to swing by the name rater. I wanted to change SAFAYC’s name to Leviathan.


I did just that. It’s a much more fitting name for a sea dragon. I just hope I spelled it correctly. If not, I’m sure my dad will tell me when he reads this.


I then traveled to the national park in order to grind Mikasa up to an appropriate level.


Before long, she reached level 16, which caused her to evolve into a Nidorina. This gave her stats a buff, which made it easier to get her up to level 18.


I found this suspicious-looking man standing outside of the radio tower.


He didn’t appreciate my company.


I decided to finish my exploration of the city by heading into the underground. There was sure to be much to do there.


I fought a couple trainers and found a coin case. Mikasa hit level 19.


Well, the underground wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be. Oh well. At least I can go to the casino now.


Oh, I’m sorry, I meant game corner. The censorship of casinos in Pokemon games have always bothered me. Then again, censorship in gaming bothers me in general, especially as a fan of RPGs. I get that there’s a cultural difference, but still.


I spent 1000 pokedollars (or whatever the currency is called) to get 50 coins.


Now it’s time to play the slots.


Well, I see that slots in Johto work exactly like slots in the real world. I feel as though the slot games got easier as the Pokemon games progressed. I spent hours using slot machines in Pokemon Diamond when I was younger.


*Gasp* I actually won for once!


I didn’t win again though. Before long, I had spent all my coins. I decided that I didn’t want to buy any more and left the game corner.


I then decided to take on the gym. I knew I had to be wary of Whitney’s infamous Miltank, but I figured that I could take out the trainers in the gym without much trouble.


Both Spicy boi and Kaepora reached level 20 while I was battling. Kaepora, however, evolved once he hit level 20. I was wondering when it was gonna finally happen. He’s a Noctowl now.


Well, I managed to take out all of the trainers in the gym. I decided, though, that I should do some research before fighting Whitney. Seribii.net informed me that her Miltank was level 20. I knew that I was gonna have to be at least a level higher than her to win, though. People aren’t joking when they say that Whitney’s Miltank is overwhelmingly strong. The attack and defense on that thing is insane.

Mikasa knew double kick, which I knew would be super-effective against Miltank. Because of this, I decided that it would be sufficient to only boost my team up to level 21. So I went out and leveled everyone up to 21.


Also, Lily evolved once she hit level 21. She’s a Gloom now, and she looks a lot less feminine. Don’t worry, I’ll fix that as soon as I get a sun stone. Yeah, that’s right, I plan on evolving Lily into a Bellossom. I’ve never really used one of those before, so I thought that it would make for an interesting addition to my team. Plus, you can get a sun stone way before you can get a leaf stone.


So I saved my game and prepared to fight Whitney. I had a strategy in mind. My plan was to lead with Mikasa and use double kick to take out her first pokemon without sustaining too much damage. After that, I would try my luck with the Miltank. If, however, Mikasa were to take enough damage at the hands of that monster, I had Leviathan as a backup. I figured that his high attack and defense would allow him to fight Miltank at least somewhat well.


So, in the end, I beat Whitney on my first try. Sure, Mikasa had to be switched out, but Leviathan proved to be more than capable of finishing the job.


Whitney didn’t give me the badge. She cried and refused to talk to me. What a wuss.


Turns out, though, that all I had to do was leave the gym, re-enter, and talk to her again. She gave me a badge along with the TM attract, which I won’t be teaching any of my pokemon.

And with that, I ended my play session. I had made some serious progress. I made it to Goldenrod City, beat Whitney, finished building my team, and evolved four of my team members. Overall, I’d say that today was pretty successful. Anyway, join me next time as I set out to win the bug catching competition. Apparently, if I get first place, I’ll get a sun stone. Also, I read online that catching either a Scyther or a Pinsir is an almost guaranteed win. We’ll see if the advice I get from the internet is actually helpful.

See you then.

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Silver – Chapter 4

  1. I highly recommend letting your Nidorina reach level 26 before evolving her, or else she won’t be able to learn Bite as a Nidoqueen. You should also use your Fire Punch TM on her instead of Typhlosion, since Typhlosion already learns Flamethrower by leveling up and Fire Blast by TM, both special moves. His Special Attack is way higher than his Attack anyway, so it doesn’t make much sense to waste a physical move TM on him. Also, congrats on your Gyarados! It’s definitely worth the effort it took to raise him. As his Attack is 125 and his Special Attack is 60, I recommend teaching it physical moves such as Waterfall and Strength. It is also a very good HM slave. Good luck on the rest of your playthrough!


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