Pokemon Silver – Chapter 3

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Welcome back my friends.

Before I went trotting off into Union Cave, I went back to Violet Town. I thought that, since I was facing the risk of getting wrecked by a bunch of different rock-type pokemon, I should stock up on potions. So I went to the pokemart and bought 12 of them. I already had three, so adding 12 gave me 15 potions. A nice round number if I do say so myself.


After my shopping trip, I messed with my party so that Spicy boi was in the front. I thought that, when compared to my other team members, Spicy boi was the best pick for fighting of rock-types.


And so it begins. Will I make it out of union cave alive? Will I survive the onslaught of trainers?


Speak of the devil, there’s a trainer now. Let’s see how I fare against him.


Hiker Daniel, eh? What ‘mon will he go with?


A level 11 Onix. A wise choice. Will he provide an adequate challenge?


Actually, yes. He hurt my Spicy boi quite a bit. I managed to pull through, though. Regardless, getting through this cave is looking to be somewhat difficult.


On the bright side, Spicy boi leveled up to 14 after the fight, which caused him to evolve into a Quilava. So that’s nice.


The cave was full of goodies to grab. On top of that, while I was in there, my pokemon leveled up a tad bit more. Spicy boi reached level 16, while Kaepora reached level 14. Good stuff.


At last, freedom!


Well gee, doesn’t that gentleman look rather suspicious.


Yeah. He’s definitely suspicious. Just standing outside of slowpoke well dressed in black. He looks creepy. I think I’ll steer clear of him.


Finally made it to Azalea Town, where people and pokemon live in harmony. That is, until the fire pokemon attacked.

…Get it? It’s an Avatar: The Last Airbender joke. Oh man, it’s been so long since I watched that show. Now I’ve become the kind of snob who hates that show because it’s not real anime.


Let’s visit Kurt’s house, shall we?


Deku’s the name, becoming the very best like no one ever was is my game.


Not really. My regular pokeballs are serving me just fine. I mean, I even found a great ball. I’d say I’m good on balls, thanks.


Oh, well I guess it’s good that I didn’t want any I guess.


I already know who Team Rocket is, but I don’t wanna interrupt his story. Carry on, Kurt.


Why that sounds downright despicable.


But they didn’t, right?


Wow. That’s actually really dark for a pokemon game.


Dang. Kurt’s hardcore.


#SaveTheSlowpoke #SlowpokeLove #TrainersForSlowpoke #SlowpokeTailsMatter


Well, it seems the guard in front of the well in gone. I guess Kurt ripped out his pancreas or something. Now I can jump down into the well.


Oh hey, it’s Kurt.


Wow, what a pansy.


Oh wow. That sounds like it really hurt. I’m sorry for you, man.


Geez. This game is dark.


No problem. Looks like I’m the one who’ll kill the Rocket grunts.


Here’s one now. I’m about to forcibly remove his pancreas. Without his consent.


He’s about to get owned.


After beating the grunt, I came across this depressing sight. This poor little slowpoke is missing its tail.


Wait, it’s carrying mail? Yo, this is interesting.


That’s kinda ominous.

Anyway, I chased Team Rocket out of the well, forcing them to leave the slowpoke alone in the process. None of the grunts really challenged me at all. I did find a super potion, though. Oh, and SAFAYC grew to level 12. So that’s nice.


Once I had finished up in the well, I decided to take on the gym. The bug types were sure to be easy to beat. After all, I had both a fire type and a flying type with me.


So I cleared out all of the trainers with little trouble. Before I fought Bugsy, thought, I decided to go grind a little. After all, I felt as though my team was a little underleveled. So I raised Kaepora, Spicy boi, and Buzz up a couple levels. Kaepora grew to 17, Spicy boi grew to 18, and Buzz grew to 19. Then it was time.


Let’s go bro. Yes, Bugsy is a boy. He looks kinda like a girl, but he’s a boy.


Says you.


And yet, I’d trust Aaron from the Sinnoh region more than I’d trust you. After all, he’s an elite four member. You’re just a gym leader.


What, are you gonna teach me about gender differences in butterflies?


See, doesn’t he look like a girl?

Regardless, Bugsy went down fairly easily. His Scyther was a little bit of a challenge, but I managed to pull through. Sadly, though, none of my ‘mons leveled up. Truly a shame.


But I mean hey, look at that badge. Two down, six to go.


With the gym behind me, I decided to visit the Charcoal Kiln. My goal was to get the HM cut, which I would need to journey through the Illex Forest.


I met this guy inside the Charcoal Kiln. He told me that his apprentice hadn’t yet returned from the Illex Forest.


Guess I gotta go find him. I immediately set off for the Illex Forest. I was legitimately not prepared, however, for what happened next.


Dangit. I forgot that Kacchan would be lurking by the Illex Forest. Luckily, I managed to secure a victory. Also, SAFAYC grew to level 14, which is nice. Once he hits level 15, he’ll learn tackle, which will make leveling him much easier. We’ll have a Gyarados in no time.


Wow, I guess that means you hate yourself Kacchan.

Dang. That was savage. I’ll have to give Kacchan a burn heal next time I see him.


Behold, the Illex Forest!


Well, I found the apprentice, but he told me that the Farfetch’d that cuts the wood ran off. Guess I gotta go find him now.


There he is.


And now he’s gone. Nice.


I eventually chased him down and brought him back to the apprentice, who had been joined by his master. Then the master gave me something rather important.




So I left the forest and headed back to Azalea. Before I did anything else, though, I wanted to add someone to my team. But first, I had to…


…travel through time.

I changed the time on my computer from three in the afternoon to eight at night. That’s not cheating, right?


Then I ran into this lil’ gal, who I quickly caught. I wanted an Oddish as my grass type. More specifically, I wanted a Bellossom. I’ll get a sun stone at some point.


I named the Oddish Lily, because I thought that that would be a good name for a female plant. Anyway, Lily will become the fifth member of the team.

Anyway, with Lily caught, I set out to grind. All she knew was absorb, so I taught her cut and went back into Union Cave, where I fought zubats, geodudes, and onixes (What is onix in the plural? Onix? Onixs? Onixes?) until she reached level 18. Throughout that grinding time, she learned poison powder and sleep powder, which are sure to be useful in the near future. After I finished leveling her, I decided to give SAFAYC a couple levels as well. With some help from Kaepora, I got him up to level 15, at which point he learned tackle. Oh, and Kaepora reached level 18 as well. I then proceeded to level up SAFAYC until he was level 18.

Then I decided to call it quits for the day.

Join me in the next chapter, where I’ll go through the Illex Forest! Maybe I’ll even evolve SAFAYC and Lily! Who knows what’ll happen?

Click here to read chapter 4


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