Pokemon Silver – Chapter 2

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Welcome back my friends! I don’t actually think that anyone is reading this, but still. When we last left off, I had spoken with Mr. Pokemon, caught a Hoothoot, and traveled back to Cherrygrove. Now, we will continue where we left off. I will once again traverse the route north of Cherrygrove. This time, however, I won’t be heading off to Mr. Pokemon’s house. Instead, I will set off towards Violet City. I might even fight some trainers along the way.


Speak of the devil, there’s one now. As soon as I walked into his line of sight, he rushed at me, forcing me to battle him. I had no choice.


And so, I began my duel with youngster Joey. He and I were prepared to fight to the death.


And yet, his Rattata posed no threat. I defeated it with little trouble. Poor Joey. He only wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was.

And so, after facing three more trainers and boosting Kaepora up to level 9, I entered Violet City.


The sign told me that this was “The City of Nostalgic Scents.” Nostalgia, huh? I guess the city must reek of game cartridges and lego sets. Man, I loved me some lego sets when I was a kid.

Anyway, after arriving in the city, I immediately healed my pokemon at the local center. After that, though, I had a mission. There was something I had to take care of. I couldn’t let anything stand in my way.


I needed to search the Ruins of Alph for a Moonstone. It was really important. I really want a Nidoqueen.

So I went off to explore the ruins. Before long, I had stumbled across a puzzle that needed to be solved. I had to put together pieces to portray an ancient pokemon that dwelled at the bottom of the sea. It didn’t take long to figure out that the pokemon in question was a Kabuto.


Dang, I nailed that.

Solving the puzzle immediately cause the ground to open up beneath my feet. I fell into an ancient cavern.

So I thought, at least.


In reality, I just fell into some hallway filled with statues of ancient pokemon. I think they look kind of like Ryhorns, but the game insists that they are ancient Pokemon. Whatever, man.

I began to make my way through the hallways, searching for a way out when, all of a sudden, I was attacked by a wild pokemon.


*Gasp* It’s my worst nightmare! Sentient alphabet soup!


So I fought through several Unown as I searched for the exit, I even ended up fainting Kaepora. Poor guy. I need to be more careful with my battles. Clearly, button mashing isn’t working.

I retreated to the pokemon center in Violet City. After healing up, I decided that it was time to get some levels. What better place do that than at…


…Sprout tower.


Guys, look. The pillar is wobbling. It’s wobbling.

So I fought my way through the tower, beating sage after sage. I got some levels out of the whole experience as well. Spicy boi grew to level 10, while Kaepora grew to level 12. He also learned peck, which made fighting all the sages and their bellsprouts tremendously easy. Gotta love those type advantages.

At long last, I made it to the top of the tower. The various sages there told me that I would receive the HM flash if I beat the elder. Sounds pretty chill. I immediately went to go fight him. However, I was interrupted by a rather rambunctious trainer.


Apparently Kacchan faced off against the elder and won. At first, the elder was all like, “hot dang Kacchan, you’re really skilled,” but then he was all like, “hot dang Kacchan, quit abusing your ‘mons.” Wow, Kacchan, I wasn’t expecting that. To think that he would mistreat his pokemon just breaks my heart. Someone call PETA, something has to be done about this.


Anyway, I challenged the elder. He sent out a couple bellsprouts. I think he also had a hoothoot. Regardless, he didn’t put up much of a fight. Well, except for the fact that he wrecked Spicy Boi. I really do need to get better at battling. I don’t usually suck this bad, I promise. On the bright side, Kaepora reached level 13.


I beat the elder, so he gave me HM05, which contains flash. I won’t teach it to a pokemon quite yet, but now I have it. Now I can light up caves. Of course, I need to get the gym badge first in order to use flash outside of battle. Speaking of which…


…Let’s do this.


I beat the trainers inside the gym without much trouble. Spicy boi grew to level 12 and learned ember, which is nice. Now he finally has a fire type move. Anyway, with the trainers out of the way, it was time to challenge their leader.


Let’s go, Falkner.

You know, I was really hoping for this fight to be epic, but it turns out I was a tad bit over-leveled. His strongest pokemon was a level 9 pidgeotto. This means that my weakest pokemon, the level 12 Spicy boi, was 3 levels higher than Falkner’s best pokemon. The battle was kinda one-sided.


Your dad should’ve trained his pokemon more. As the cool kids say, git rekt skrub.


Look at that shiny badge.

So I beat Falkner pretty easily. One leader down, seven to go. He also gave me the TM for mud slap. Mud slap is a decent move, but I don’t really have any pokemon to teach it to right now. I think I’ll wait until I get a nidoran.


The moment I stepped out of the gym I was assaulted by Elm. He wanted me to take the egg that Mr. Pokemon had given him. I graciously accepted this gift. Then I proceeded to speed the game up and run back and forth for a couple of minutes. Before long…


…this happened.


Congratulations, it’s a breakfast food! Oh, wait, I meant to say that it’s a boy. Congratulations, it’s a boy! I’m so happy!


What, don’t give me that look. I couldn’t think up a witty name. Besides, I don’t plan on using Togepi. I immediately stuffed him in my PC. May you rest in peace, Egg.

Anyway, I thought a lot about my team while I was trying to get the egg to hatch. With the help of Seribii, my go-to site for pokemon information, I formed a team. I won’t spoil who made the cut, but I will go ahead and add two members to my team before I end chapter 2.


The first member I’m adding is Mareep. I encountered one on the route south of Violet City.


Didn’t even break a sweat.


I named him Buzz, because that seemed like a good name for both an electric type pokemon and a sheep pokemon. Buzz is now the third member of the team.


I then stopped at the pokemon center right before Union Cave in order to talk to this fisherman. He asked me if I wanted one of his rods. I said yes. Then I went fishing.


Also, while I was fishing, Buzz reached level 15. This caused him to evolve into Flaffy. Now he’s a fabulous pink sheep.


So my goal is to add a Gyarados to my team. I know, I know, it’ll be a challenge. Believe me, I’m not looking forward to raising a Magikarp. However, I thought it would make a better addition to the team than a Poliwhirl. Also, I’ve never really tried to get a Gyarados before, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I also didn’t feel like waiting until I ran into the shiny Gyarados in the Lake of Rage. That would’ve taken way too long.


I named the Magikarp SAFAYC, which is an acronym for “Swim Away Fast As You Can.” It’s a kind of dumb name, I know, but I couldn’t think of anything better. I’ll probably change it to Leviathan once it evolves. In the meantime, SAFAYC will become the fourth member of the team.

And with that, I stopped playing for the day. After all, I don’t want this chapter to be too long. Regardless, I made a lot of progress today. I beat a gym and added two pokemon to the team. Oh, and I also taught flash to Buzz. Anyway, join me next time as I venture into Union Cave! It’ll be scary, mainly because I don’t have a good pokemon to counter all the geodudes I’m sure to fight.

See you then.

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