Pokemon Silver – Chapter 1

Well then, I guess it’s time to start a let’s play of Pokemon Silver! I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while now, since it’s somewhat easier to make a written let’s play than it is a video series. I also decided that I would start with a Pokemon game, since those seem to be popular when it comes to let’s plays. So here it is! My very first let’s play! I’m oh so very excited.


My journey starts with Professor Oak, who gives some long-winded speech about pokemon. I didn’t listen to it. Just sped right through. I mean, I’ve played a Pokemon game or two before. I already knew what he was going to say.


In the midst of his speech, though, I was given the opportunity to name my character. I went with Deku. Why? Well, frankly, it’s because I just finished watching Boku no Hero Academia and I really liked Deku as a character in that show. However, Deku is a cutesy sounding name that could fit a 10 year old boy. Therefore, I shall now be known as Deku. Huzzah.


And so, just like in every other Pokemon game, my REAL journey started in my bedroom. I quickly rushed downstairs so I could run outside and receive my pokemon. However, I was stopped by my mother at the foot of the stairs. She told me that the local professor was looking for me. She also explained how to use a phone. I mean, come on Game Freak. If I wanted my mother to stop me and remind me to call her every time I left the house, I would have just stuck to real life.


Well, I made my way to the lab, where Professor Elm was waiting. He told me that his friend, some guy named “Mr. Pokemon,” found something amazing and that he didn’t have the time to go inspect the amazing discovery. Guess what happened next. Elm told me to go check out Mr. Pokemon’s discovery. Who doesn’t love some good old forced child labor? On the other hand, I did get something pretty sweet out of it. As any avid Pokemon fan would know, it is dangerous to go into tall grass. After all, wild pokemon may just shank you or something. Therefore, Elm decided to give me a pokemon to defend myself with.


I went with Cyndaquil. He’s a pretty cool pokemon. I mean, he’s an anteater that’s also on fire. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. So Elm game me the fire starter along with the opportunity to name it, which I gladly took. I had the perfect name in mind.


So Spicy boi became the first team member. I do intend on taking him all the way to the Elite 4, by the way. I haven’t really planned out my team at all, but I am going to take my starter all the way through the game. Also, I kind of want a Nidoqueen, since Nidoqueen is my favorite pokemon. Aside from those two, though, it’s all up in the air.

So after receiving Spicy boi, I set out towards Cerrygrove city, where I would stop on the way towards Mr. Pokemon’s house. As I fought my way through the route, I encountered several pokemon, most of which were Hoothoots. I assume that this is because I was playing in the evening, which caused the owl pokemon to appear rather frequently. The onslaught of wild pokemon was somewhat annoying, but there’s a silver lining as well. Spicy boi levelled up. He is now level six. Good for him.


Upon entering Cherrygrove, I was immediately assaulted by this gentleman. He wanted to show me around the town, but I said no. Sorry old man, but I don’t swing that way. No, but in all seriousness, I already knew what a Pokemon Center was. There was no reason to go on a tour. Speaking of Pokemon Centers, I healed up at the local one before heading off towards Mr. Pokemon’s house.


Also, real quick, I’d like to call attention to this Rattata sprite. It’s really something special. I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed seeing Rattata stand up. Anyway, I arrived at Mr. Pokemon’s house without much trouble. He gave me an egg, saying that Professor Elm is an expert on eggs, which is why he wanted Elm to check it out. I should have known that Elm was an expert when it came to pokemon breeding. After all, it was Gold and Silver that first introduced breeding. However, I must say, specializing in breeding is kind of lame. I mean, one of the other professors in the Pokemon games (I forget who) specialized in evolution. Why couldn’t Elm study that? That seems like it would be much cooler. Why did Elm have to devote his life to eggs?


Anyway, after the conversation with Mr. Pokemon, I was approached by the OG professor himself: Samuel Oak. Oak says some pretty chill stuff before handing me a Pokedex and booking it. He’s cool. I like him. Oak is probably the best professor in the series, right after Sycamore of course.

After this short interaction I headed back down to Cherrygrove. As I stepped out of the house, though, I received a call from Professor Elm on my PokeGear. He told me that something terrible had happened. How ominous. The trip to and from Mr. Pokemon’s house was laden with wild pokemon, which caused Spicy boi to hit level 7. On the other hand, Spicy boi took a little bit of damage. I would have just booked it back to New Bark town without healing, except for the fact that I remembered an encounter with a certain, red-haired boy….


And there he is now. He doesn’t have a name, of course. I’ll have to give him one later. Anyway, he spits in my face and tells me that I suck as a pokemon trainer and that he’s way better. I’m pretty sure he also dished out some insults related to my mom. Then he challenged me to a battle.


So I began my first battle against my rival, who sent out a level five version of the starter with a type advantage over mine. Typical. However, in this game, I had plenty of time to level before fighting him. Poor ??? didn’t stand a chance.


I took care of his Totodile rather quickly. He got Spicy boi down to 8 HP though. I’m not quite sure how to be honest. I just button mashed through the entire incident. Oh, and Spicy boi leveled up. He’s level 8 now.

After the heated battle, I healed Spicy boi up and headed back to New Bark town. During this journey, Spicy boi leveled up again. He’s already level 9. I’m so proud of him. Once I got to New Bark Town, I immediately rushed to the lab to see what the great crises that Elm had mentioned on the phone was. Apparently, he got robbed by ???, which explains how he had that Totodile. The officer called to the scene asked if I had seen the boy in question. I answered that I had and the officer asked for his name. Now I had the opportunity to name my rival.


Since I named my character Deku I only thought it would be fitting to name my rival Kacchan, as Kacchan is the nickname of Deku’s rival in Boku no Hero Academia. After telling the officer that the boy’s name was Kacchan, he scurried away, leaving me alone with Elm. Elm asked me about Mr. Pokemon’s discovery, so I gave him the egg, which practically gave him a seizure. I don’t get how people can get this excited about eggs. Elm then gushed for a little about how cool it was that Oak gave me my own Pokedex before leaving me alone. As soon as he did, I set out to catch a pokemon with the balls that his assistant gave me. I kinda wanted to catch a Hoothoot, so I set out to do just that. The first Hoothoot I found was level 3.


It died in one hit because the game hates me.

I did manage to find another Hoothoot, though. This one I caught without incident.


I named him Kaepora after the owl from Ocarina of Time. It was literally the only fictional owl I knew about aside from Hedwig.

So Kaepora joined the team. I don’t know if he’ll be a permanent member, but he’s still pretty chill. I kinda want to see how far I can take him. Regardless, it was getting kind of lonely with Spicy boi being the only member of the team. Now I have two ‘mons to take care of. However, Kaepora was only level 3, which looked somewhat insignificant when compared to Spicy boi, who, again, was level 9. Because of this, I got to participate in the one part of the Pokemon games that no one really likes.



This is why I chose to play an old Pokemon game. Visual Boy Advance, my GBC emulator of choice, has a really nifty speed up button. I was able to run back and forth while I mashed the A button. I managed to get Kaepora to level 7 in no time, at which point I went back to Cherrygrove.


By the way, while I was grinding, I accidentally pressed a button in front of this window. This is the dialogue that followed. Truly, comedic gold. Or, might I say, comedic silver.

(That was a joke because I’m playing Pokemon Silver instead of Gold. Please laugh at my joke.)


Once I arrived in Cherrygrove, I healed up and saved. I felt as though it was time to quit. After all, I had accomplished a fair amount of stuff. In the next chapter I will make the journey from Cherrygrove to Violet… whatever. I forget whether it’s Violet Town or Violet City. Regardless, that’s it for chapter 1.

Until we meet again, my friends.

Click here to read chapter 2


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